What To Do With Scorpio Season

What I like best about Scorpio Season so far:  all that rumbling-under-the-surface emotion.

My mother was a Scorpio, reserved, quiet, with many secrets. M-A-N-Y secrets. Discovered some after she died in some journal pages she’d left behind. My brother found them. Handed them to me while we waited to speak to… who? I don’t even remember where we were. The airport? Waiting for my sister to arrive? Still don’t know if he read them. But I have them.

Doesn’t matter what you feel or how much you feel, Scorpio can CONTAIN it. For him/herself. For others. Can hold your secrets. Can hold whatever you need held.

And then there’s Mercury. Retrograde now in Scorpio. Mercury rules the hands. The hands have it. The hands tell it all. Watch people’s hands for tells. Hands don’t lie.

That’s all for now, star lovers 🙂 Back later 🙂

Love, MP


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