What To Do With Mercury Retrograde

"full moon in taurus"I feel like I’m supposed to write about Mercury Retrograde. I’m an astrologer. I’m supposed to give you the dates and times and wisdoms, but my heart’s not in it.

And I started a Mercury Retrograde post, about Mercury entering his shadow today and about how you need to watch your Scorpio/early Sagittarius house(s) for more information.

But really what I want to talk about is your life. I posed a question on our private message board today: what do you do when there are experiences you want to have and you can’t have them – for whatever reason. (Or you think you can’t have them.)

And I gave one random example: a woman (or man!) who wants to have a child and cannot ย (for whatever reason). Different responses to my query are coming in and it’s getting interesting as it always does ๐Ÿ™‚

And someone mentioned her Mars in Taurus: “don’t give up” she said. Even if adjustments have to be made. And I’m thinking as I read through this post that it’s not just the literal experience but the feeling and the energy and that with a little imagination, answers can be found. And to mourn if you need to.

This topic was on my mind because all of a sudden I found myself craving certain life experiences and wondering if it was “too late” and that’s how I was phrasing it to myself and it took me a while to find those words.

I grew up with a lot of “no,” ya know? No you shouldn’t. No you couldn’t. That wouldn’t be right for you. Sometimes others have to show us what is possible. Usually they have some Sagittarius in them ๐Ÿ˜‰

And like a good Virgo Moon, I’ve started making a list.

But back to my original question: Is this Neptune? Longing? Is it Jupiter? The desire for big LIFE? Is it Mars? Desire itself?

Quite possible that Mercury, our winged messenger, will deliver us some answers this retrograde season. Start there.


Is there something you are longing for? What’s on your list?ย 



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