What To Do With Mars Square Saturn?

"mars in cancer"
movie still from Cabaret (Liza has Mars in Cancer)

I have to write what I have to write. It’s a compulsion. And sometimes I get self-conscious about it, like with my recent post about the body. But still it had to go up. And I love it when people share their experiences, whether they relate or not.

With Saturn heading to square my Mercury (and Mars), I do feel more cautious lately, limited in my writing. And my thinking is slower.

You know what Cancer does? Cancer finds the thing it wants and it holds on, it clings for dear life. So what happens when Cancer gets squared by the Lord of Time and Karma and Lessons?

This aspect is happening now, in the sky. Mars square Saturn. Cancer square Libra. Our nurturing impulse, our sensitivity, our poor poor Mars in detriment is being Capricorned, bossed, bullied. You may feel you aren’t good enough, but you are. You may think you cannot do it, but you can. Mars in Cancer is thought of as “weak” but who else who else will protect and defend those who need it most? Mars in Cancer are the Real Superheros.

For the next week or so, if you find yourself having trouble taking good care, then find the honey inside this square. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. It’s okay to take breaks. Just keep going.

And if you have to? Scream.

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