What To Do When You Want To Stop Trying (Advice For Hard Transits)

"saturn square mars" What you do when you want to stop trying is… stop trying. You can do this. At least for a little bit. Eliminate some. Not all but some. If you have kids then of course you cannot let them fall. And do not let yourself fall either — keep brushing your teeth for example. But what can you let go of. Let some air in. Transits like this exist.

I was preparing a chart just now and noticed Saturn on her Sun, opposing her natal Saturn. I sighed. I am equipped to see this. I am equipped to not be scared of this but I sighed. I have every outer planet making not nice aspects to my own chart, except Jupiter. Jupiter is playing nice, keeping me above water which is probably why I’m not dead right now because the hard transits, they are loaded.

You look at a chart and you see the story, you see the news. It’s good, it’s neutral, it’s hard, it’s all. I’m standing at a crossroads. I know other folks are too, we talk in the chat rooms about this, and I was trying to describe the feeling of blankness. The directions available to me are blank. I can’t even call them directions. I’m sitting on the dirt right there in the road. A gal in one of the rooms said the one commonality with all the choices at the crossroads is YOU. I am so grateful for the wisdom of the people around me.

Are you at the crossroad too? 


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