What To Do, How To Get Through: Full Moon Eclipse In Libra This Weekend

"full moon eclipse in libra"
(picture by Aliza, New Palladini Tarot)

Today’s Astrological Warning + Tarot:

Let the ships go by, my friends. Don’t get on board and don’t jump any ship you are already on. Look ahead. You’ve got work to do. There may be all kinds of distraction and interference in the background but don’t you lose focus. The King of Cups doesn’t spill all over. He/She has a Kingdom to contain. I know you, reading this, may feel powerless today, tomorrow, but that’s Eclipse Season for ya — can be weird, shocking, uncomfortable, surprising but remember:

maturity, creativity (I also pulled the Empress today — fertile creativity — but didn’t show her in the video), the Cup as power, emotional wealth and strength is your power. Hold onto it until you need it. Have a good cry, if you need it but then straighten yourself out and get back to business. Your Kingdom needs you xx