What To Do About The Deadly Transits?

"uranus square sun"So I was writing in the chatroom that I am hating my Saturn opposition. It’s one degree from exact at the moment. Saturn is retrograde so it went past it and will go over it again when it stations trine my Sun.

My comment was in response to folks talking about having had a hard week. I did too. A lot of Cancers in that room. Seems like we all struggled this week. Folks were saying perhaps it was due to Mercury’s impending retrograde in Cancer, back into Gemini.

And I said this:

That (the Saturn opposition) plus Uranus square my Sun… it’s deadly. My Pluto Sun opposition is farther away (i.e. not exact, a larger orb than the other two transits) and yet still in effect. It’s like watching someone die. Or watching yourself die. You can’t stop it. You can’t help. You just have to watch it die.

And a gal in the chat room said: “Watching yourself die” is the best description of Pluto opposite my Sun I have heard. Yeah, she’s been through this transit already. And she’s a smartypants and not a flatterer so I trust her 🙂

A few more words were said, but I think I’ll leave it at that for the moment.

Oh. Wait. I should end on a more cheerful note, eh?

It’s a beautiful day in the Big City. I’m healthy. The cats are healthy. We don’t have ants and

But what to do about the deadly transits? I’ll let you know. As I find out. The impulse is to hold on. That’s Pluto. And the impulse is to run. That’s Uranus.

And the Saturn opposition is a funny thing (not really!). Saturn is hard. It’s a hard, tough energy. Responsibility. Duty. Get to work! It’s not soft and fuzzy. It’s the “opposite” of Neptune the dissolver and dreamer. Saturn is that image we have of the mountain goat/Capricorn climbing up the mountain, working hard. Effort. Patience. Making money. Saturn crystallizes (as Isabel Hickey would say). Saturn is your fear. So what happens when Saturn mirrors itself? Oh My God. You can’t move. Paralysis. Reminds me a bit of an animal seeing himself in the mirror but he doest know it’s a mirror so he headbutts it and ouch there’s a crash — a sort of painful breakthrough — when solid structure bumps hard against solid structure. There is no bending, just breaking. Well, I hurt my leg a bit more than a month ago. Bone bruise. Saturn opposition Saturn: no giving in. You just keep slamming again and again into that same old wall until you hurt too much to stand up.

For lighter fare 🙂 please visit Beliefnet for my new Tarot post: THE EMPEROR (and a few more words about Mercury Retrograde.

Love always, MP

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