What To Do About Mars In Libra

Now I know what *I* want to do about Mars in Libra. I want to write about LOVE.

And I think YOU TOO need to decide what YOU want or need to do about Mars in Libra — because it will be such a long jostling jiggling triggering breakthroughy transit.

Libra is an INTELLECTUAL sign. So we *should* THINK about Mars and think about Libra and think about love and relationships and beauty and art with PASSION (Mars) and courage (Mars).

Air signs question and air signs talk. So let’s talk đŸ™‚

Also, Libra is a CARDINAL sign — which means it wants to take action. Common keywords: creative, dynamic, ambitious, restless, seeking control, to run the show. Mutable signs are more flexible, a little of this, a little of that. Fixed signs simmer longer, simmer and stew, stubbornly. But the Cardinal? For better or worse, they tell it like it is, even when being passive aggressive đŸ˜‰ They tell you where to go. Even vulnerable Cancer has an edge, that sharp shell she crawls into. Cardinal signs are basically the FUCK YOU PAL people of the zodiac.

But back to Mars in Libra (she said sweetly, delightfully) đŸ˜‰

I want to go DEEP into love. What it is. Where it is. How it changes. What it means. What it feels like, smells like, looks like.

Are you ready for the Mars in Libra challenge? Willing to find out what to do with this transit? 

Love, MP


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