“What The Hell Did That Mean?” Mercury In Synastry

"freddie mercury"

Sometimes I am pretty sure that I understand my cats (and they are very chatty cats) way better than a certain person in my life.

I understand each meow (and there are many different meows and other sounds as any cat person can tell you). I know what the gestures all mean.

But this relationship THING? Huh? I often feel like I’m reading an instruction manual in a language foreign to me.

One clue or key is to look at the Mercuries involved.

Does your mate’s Mercury aspect your Mercury? And HOW does it aspect your Mercury. Hard, soft, neutral, nightmarish…. 😉

Is their Mercury retrograde? Is your Mercury retrograde?

It *is* possible to get along with someone and yet your Mercuries make no sense — together. There are other ways to relate: physically, emotionally, psychically, grocery shoppingly. You can put tape over each other’s mouths too (heh heh).

But seriously — when the understanding is limited, when the de-coding process is necessary, you have to REALLY like someone to stick with it. There must be a high level of fascination and mutual attraction. Love?

To like what they are saying even if you don’t get what they are saying all the time or right away. To give them the benefit of the doubt. To have faith.

Getting to know someone is… scary. I always think my chart is ALL about the intimacy and then I recall my 8th House Chiron square my Sun. Truly getting to know someone means they… get to know YOU too.


How easy it is to be intimate with writing or with my own process, and a 1st House Pluto can be so very self-contained.

But there’s so much more. So much more.


Mercury, the trickster, is just about ready for retrograde so here’s a thought! Use this retrograde period to take a look at your communications with those nearest and dearest to you. Take another look at your own Mercury’s aspects as well. I promise you will learn something verrrrrry interesting.



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