What Saturn Is For

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
what saturn is for

Saturn compels us to define our lives, particularly the areas of life of the house(s) where he is transiting.

And let’s think of Saturn, for a moment, as neutral. Not as the reward-giver after a particularly hairy transit and not as the planet who pushes us past broken.

More and more I’m beginning to clearly (and the clarity part is important) envision the life I want, using my natal chart as the map, sinking into aspects and placements that… were mysterious to me previously.

Saturn asks us (and “asks” isn’t really the best word) to create boundaries. To choose. This and not that. Again, the idea of defining not only what we don’t want, but what we want. Saturn tends to remove what isn’t working in our lives.

An example: don’t marry someone because you are afraid of your own shadow or loneliness or just want someone there. Instead get a solid thought of what you truly want. Do you truly want that person?  

I didn’t realize how vague I was, really, until I started to get messages/feelings around… oh I want this. Oh I like this. Oh this is good for me. Oh this IS my chart. Oh. No guilt. Oh. No fear. Oh. It’s okay to want. We must want in order to get. 

I have natal Venus square Saturn in my chart. I came into this world afraid (Saturn) to desire (Venus) but now the images, the ideas are getting louder, stronger, clearer, and I’m letting them in. Not just the ideas but… doing it. In reality.

The Sun in Capricorn supports this kind of thinking. Working not the deprivation side of Saturn but the goal-oriented side, ambition.

And the ambition can be as simple as… really knowing… who you are… which can be as simple as… knowing the coffee brand you prefer or what kind of house you want to live in or what work you want to do or what you value or whether you want to eat healthy or not, get stupid drunk every night or not, live a life of refinement and luxury or not, live a life of service or not. Be a monk, be a farmer, be a husband, be a nanny, have time to write, time to travel, play music… All of it.

You choose. You make the boundary. You decide. You define.

Who are you? 

The Sun is YOU. The Sun is in Capricorn, Saturn-ruled. DEFINE YOU.

No judgement. Just know… who and what. And begin to create an authentic (Saturn) existence. Keyword? Integrity.

You *just* have to learn how to listen.

Here, at the end of 2011, what is your life about? 

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