What Rules Trust In Astrology?

"mercury conjunct uranus"

I am trusting my gut more and more.

I now consider what I do “psychic readings” even though that makes me feel like a storefront Fortune Teller with big earrings and poofy hair and an off the shoulder blousey blouse. I can’t get away from it, even though I use tools, I use the chart, I use the cards, and it’s spiritual to me, no matter the topic or the concern a querent has, it is spiritual, has larger ramifications.

And I’ve been doing a lot of readings lately and also lately decided to move my blog from WordPress but then my gut. My gut. MY GUT! My gut was telling me to stop the process. Delay it.

I could say this is Mars retrograde and Saturn retrograde talking. This could be Mars getting ready to back up into my 12th. One thing that I’m feeling is that I think a BIG BILL is coming, something unexpected and I just won’t have the money to sink into blog changes. I also don’t really have the focus at this time. I’m focusing on my writing here and I’m focusing on you guys. That’s what I’m building. Maybe I’ll change up my blog theme though.

So I am trusting my gut on this and I wish there were a prettier word for it and the more you do readings for people and work with and navigate the energies of others, the more you are better able to distinguish someone else’s energy from your own. It took me a while to be able to make this distinction but now the boundary feels way more clear. Even as Neptune wants to enter my 7th House!

Another thing: people find my blog all the time and they’re not going to go back to read every post. This tells me that I should re-post and that it’s okay to visit old topics.

Mercury and Uranus are conjunct right now. Is this a “gut” aspect? I think so. A psychic aspect. The information comes fast and you have to grab it.

And although the 8th House rules trust funds, Jupiter rules TRUST in general. Which explains why Jupiter types get taken advantage of I think… because their instinct is to trust.

And for trusting the gut a.k.a. intuition, well, Neptune, Uranus, the 9th House: these are all given for ruling intuition.

I’m going with the gut today and I’m going to pull a Tarot card and see if I’m making the right decision…

Drum roll please!

I got the Emperor. I feel like this tells me that I need to be my own Emperor — even if others think I’m nuts or wrong. To be stable in myself. I did pull two more cards. One was sad but then I got the Wish Come True card.

Who Do You Trust?


YES I am doing Mini-Moon Readings (and the other ones as usual) for the Full Moon in Virgo but probably won’t start scheduling again until Tuesday or Wednesday so email me for more info!

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