What Phase Are You In? May 25th, 2013

I go through phases.

We all go through phases (do we? There’s got to be a better word) and right ย now I’m in some kind of beauty phase or Venus transit or maybe it’s a health transit, more 6th House related but hmm it’s both. It’s definitely both. It started out as health. Wanting to reverse a pre-diabetic state. And then it turned to beauty (buying make-up, something I rarely do and also getting my eyebrows some professional help).

If you know me then you know that I am THE least Venus person around in terms of surface Venus i.e. like I give a fuck about eyeshadow. But the other day I actually bought eyeshadow ๐Ÿ™‚ And mascara and a little brush to comb my eyebrows. I know Mars is still in Taurus but really MoonPluto? Really?

Is it a phase? Is it a permanent?

Hmm, I think I am… changing. (I also quit smoking. Or, at least, am on a break. I reserve the right to take it up again at any time.)

The most interesting thing to me is folks from my on-line life as well as my “real” life commenting about a change in me and they are thinking (and I am thinking) that it’s not only (not exactly) a physical change. It’s been eerie.

When I was a young teenager, I put on a lot of weight. I think by age… 16 or so I started exercising A LOT (so much that I stopped getting my period and apparently was very thin although my Scorpio mother never let on that she was worried) and I learned a very important lesson.

The common wisdom is that we change from the inside out. For me, it works differently. I change the outside and it works its way in.

I would not be doing yoga poses or clearing my chakras if it weren’t for the 20 to 40 minutes of intense exercise that I do BEFORE I cool down and open up. I’ve written (on Facebook) about pushing myself to the limit and how sometimes it makes me cry. I’m dripping sweat onto the carpet and I don’t stop, which is also why I prefer to work out at HOME and not at the gym. So I can be free to go THERE. Also I’ve noticed lately that I haven’t cried much. I’ve gotten stronger. I’m healing old pain. I can do more push-ups, more jumping jacks. Exercise is real and true but also a metaphor. Push yourself and you get stronger.

Rather than talk about my own chart though, I am wondering what “phase” you are in and if you are making the astro connections.

Love, MP

PS I’m looking for ideas, suggestions. I have been thinking about doing videos for a while but doing astrology forecasts doesn’t interest me at all. Is there anything in particular that you’d like to hear me talk about? I feel like if I can hit on just the right thing, I’ll begin. But I haven’t found it yet….


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