What Kind Of Practice Do You Practice?

"the 8th house in astrology"
practice makes... practice!

Every client is a blessing and a really cool thing that happens is when I get to work with people on-going. My teacher, interestingly enough, told us that he *didn’t* want this kind of astrology practice although his teacher did. I’m comfortable with it. I like it. Even though my Virgo side worries about doing a good job!

Here’s my analogy: whatever your practice (not perfect), are you comfortable with it? How do you want it to go? Do you feel in control of it?

In regards to meditation practice, Edgar Cayce said: consistency and persistancy (in that funny interesting way with words that he had).

And the more you do something, the more interesting it gets in my humble opinion.

And here’s another leap (Lorca had such words for such leaps – duende? I’ll have to look it up). This is an 8th House issue, a sex issue. The more you do it, the more interesting it gets because, if you have a pulse and a brain cell or two, you realize you are getting to know someone and THAT, my friends, is the turn-on. Intimacy. Or does this fear you? Ha! I meant to type do you fear it???

What’s your practice?


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