What It Takes To Become Free (New Moon Eclipse In Virgo)

"new moon eclipse in virgo" I always went to Jewish school (except for a year and a half in “junior high” — it did not go well — actually school never went “well” until high school but I digress) and I remember learning the phrase “slave mentality.”

That the Jews (“Israelites”) would not be permitted to enter the Promised Land because they had been slaves in Mitzrayim/Egypt — and thus their generation had to die out thus 40 years in the wilderness.

I remembered this story the other day — it reminded me of my own life — but with a different ending — how when you become free finally — is it possible to ditch your “slave mentality.” And live as a free person and find your life.

I think it is. You have to go deeply into each feeling, each pain, each confusion. And you need witnesses, support, friends. Doesn’t have to be a therapist. But it is possible.

The New Moon Eclipse in Virgo (this weekend) will help you to be free. It’s all new in that part of your chart. The cosmic do-over. You get to choose what to put in that (Virgo) space/place in your chart. You get to choose.


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