What Is Your X Factor? (Venus/Values/Venus Rx in Capricorn)

So I told the psychic reader about my (then) boyfriend’s chart.  Sagittarius Sun.

What does Sagittarius have to do with your chart? the psychic reader asked me.

True in a way. I am nearly fire-free. Venus in Leo matters, yes, but in the 12th House (makes a difference!) — otherwise I’m all water and earth. Emotional, deep, grounded, strong. I’m not some breezy clever chatterbox 🙂

And then I mentioned our pile-up in Cancer, his Ascendent and Moon; my Sun, Mercury Mars. (The Sun Moon conjunction, in particular, is worth noting — a strong synastric aspect to have.)

But *really* what he has to do with my chart is that he committed to me. That was the x factor. That was the revolution.

My other obsession (after Mars in Libra) is Venus going retrograde in Capricorn this month.

Questions for you:

What makes your relationship tick? Or how/why did it stop? What is important to you? To your partner? Do you have the same goal? All these questions (and more!) require your attention this month and into 2014. Is your relationship making you happy? Are relationships *supposed* to make you happy? What would make you happy and how does relationship fit in? Did you marry a fantasy husband (or wife) or an actual person. And so on 🙂

Love, MP

P.S. I do read all the comments but don’t have much time to respond these days. The best way to get my response is to get a reading 🙂