What Is Shadow Work? (Part One): Notes From The Field

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What is Shadow Work?
Shadow Work is work of love. 

Just got off the phone with a fabulous CAPRICORN woman (client) and we were talking a little about the shadow.

She mentioned some recent status updates of mine and how she wanted to GO DEEP and that I should not feel at all restricted in what I was about to tell her, from the charts and cards.

SHE GAVE ME PERMISSION and I felt grateful for this.

The cards were honest, stark cards. CLEAR cards. Even with three minutes to spare and she asked me a REALLY important question, the Oracle didn’t let us down.

What is shadow work? When someone holds up a mirror and says THIS IS YOU, TOO.

Truth is, I’ve been holding up that mirror my whole life. It’s my personality. And it’s not always charming! When my old high school friend contacted me after 20 years (when Saturn was in Virgo) and he called me up and we talked, he said to me: YOU ARE THE SAME as you were all those years ago.

I know the truth can alarm people. The truth can alarm me. How it’s delivered MATTERS.

What is shadow work? Shadow work is, in part, seeing what you do and how you do it. Our shadow parts… are what we have rejected in ourselves! And thus we see it everywhere else — except in us.

What you try to hide from others. AND from yourself. And most of us are super successful at the hiding. And you know oh yes you know when you’ve touched it in someone, when you see it in someone — so handle with care. Shadow work is not an excuse to be an asshole.

Your shadow needs love.
Shadow work is work of love — healing, integrating what you have rejected about YOURSELF.

When I talk about calling back your energy (a phrase I got from an amazing Scorpio woman, friend), I am talking about calling back NEW shadows that you are creating every day. New hiding places. New denials. Call it all back so you can be whole.

And THEN work on the other stuff 🙂

Oh this could cover many many blog posts. Hopefully this is just Part One.

Below is a video on another topic, that I made yesterday – about Venus in Virgo. Oh and I also made some other videos which can be seen on my YouTube channel: some astro-tarot for the week ahead so please visit.

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