What Is Faith And How Do You Get Some? Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius

"lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

I wrote this to someone in the comments today:

“And remember: faith is a behavior. You have to DO faith. For some of us, it’s combat. For others, it’s going for a swim. But it must be done. It must be active.”

And then comes the question: faith in WHAT?

For me it’s faith that I’m not alone OUT HERE. In the Β Big World, in the Universe, in this TIME ZONE (lol).


Long time ago, years ago πŸ™‚ I had just moved to Brooklyn. I was religious then, Orthodox and was staying with a family. I had met them while I was still in Iowa and becoming religious and this mother of 6 told me that if I ever needed a place to stay, if I moved to NYC, I could stay with them. And that’s what I did.


One day the grandmother was there visiting and Orthodox Jewish people tend to ask too many questions, too many pointed questions: “What do you do, where’s your family, what’s your rent…” They want details.

And I hate these questions, not just because I’m private and I want to choose what I share but because it brings up the uncomfortable topic of not having parents, not since my 20s. At age 30 it still stung to have such conversations. To have to watch people’s reactions. Pity on their faces. Sorrow. Fear. Understanding.

The grandmother didn’t speak much English but she understood. And she said in Hebrew (and my Hebrew sucks now so I can’t remember the phrase but): how it was me and God now. Β The Eibishter in Yiddish.Β And her expression said: hey, not so bad.


What do you believe about yourself? About your life? About life in general.

Perspective: Sagittarius keyword no. 1.

Let the Full Moon shine a light on all that. And maybe there’s something you want to adjust.

Yesterday did an Eclipse Reading for someone who is having it as a 12th House transit. The mysterious gets less mysterious.


Remember that Jupiter rules not just Sagittarius but Pisces too. Sagittarius and Pisces square. There is tension but we need both. Hope and faith. Faith and belief. Perspective and trust. Adventure on earth and heavenly heaven.

Basically, look up. Even if you woke up with hives today, even if you’re scratching your eyeballs out, look up.

I know I know, easier said than done. But use all the tools at your disposal from the Mutable Cross:

Gemini: don’t isolate. Talk to people. Sagittarius: put one foot in front of the other. Distraction is a valid tool. Pisces: rest and dream. Virgo: pay attention. Write it down. Plan your next move.

What advice do you have?

Love, MP

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