What Is Astrology For?

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Is it an intellectual exercise? Understanding myths, symbols, patterns.


Not unless they apply to our lives. That’s my point of view anyway. Help us understand our lives better.

And in some hands, Astrology is a predictive tool. Or something is a predictive tool. Chart, Tarot cards, ginger tea, whatever

I remember hanging out with another astrologer once and him making a remark about my intuitive process.

Is there any other way?


It is so quiet where I live. And this is always a revelation to me, after having lived in the hell of hell of apartments and neighborhoods before I moved here – Saturn was in my 1st House then and eventually conjuncted my Moon and Pluto. Hell is the only way to describe it. More suffering than dead.

I’m amazed by the Pluto in Libra generation, those that I work with who are having (or had) Saturn on their Pluto, many having their Saturn Return. How strong they are, how accomplished, these young people. Artists of all kinds, actors, writers, entrepreneurs, survivors, transitions of all kinds.


So if the purpose of Astrology is to understand our lives better, what happens when we still don’t understand?

I’ve been obsessively watching Doreen Virtue videos lately on you YouTube and by obsessive I mean…. every night for a few days in a row I’ll watch a few of them and… fall asleep. Her voice relaxes me. Her message relaxes me. This woman is on a mission. And I think to myself: Self! You have North Node in Pisces. You are supposed to groove on this stuff! But I’m picky. My Virgo Moon and Virgo South Node and Virgo Rising: all picky. And yet I do like her work. And her Angel cards (I have one deck).

And I thought to myself: Self! I should be praying. I should be praying with every querent who contacts me. Or at least on their behalf because sometimes I’ll feel heartbroken. They want love. They can’t find love, etc etc etc and I want SO MUCH for them to find love and Pisces must pray!

And Virtue, in the videos I was watching last night, kept talking about listening to inner guidance, how you might not always recognize it because it can be small or commonplace which reminded me of Edgar Cayce talking about the still small voice (which I know is a phrase from the Torah but I can’t remember from where. The Psalms?)


Gemini Season. Sun in Gemini. Mercury in Gemini. Just had our New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini. The Full Moon Eclipse will oppose Gemini. Jupiter enters Gemini in June. If your life feels… a combination of… stiff and yet terrifying, take heart. And/or take action. Virtue was talking about taking the small actions to complete goals. What’s that one thing you can do today even for a few minutes.

What helps me is to write things down or, I was telling a client the other day, I just bought a dry-erase board. Didn’t hang it up so I can reach it easily. Read it, revise it. Purpose is for questions, for goals, to keep track, to erase, to see how far I’ve come. Mars in Virgo (still!) keeps track. Write stuff down. Lots of questions though. What am I not seeing? What is the goal? And last night… I got new answers. I wonder if they are right.


I better stop here before I ramble on much longer ๐Ÿ™‚ The Moon in Leo is sextile the Sun and Mercury in Gemini as I type this. Even if you aren’t leaving the house today, stay social. Leo/Gemini IS social networking. Venus in Gemini, retrograde (forgot to mention her in my Gemini list above) moving away from her trine to Saturn. Relationship stuff? Not settled yet so don’t worry. Unless of course you want it settled ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sorry! Too bad! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Essence of Gemini: you think you know it/them, but… then you realize that you don’t!

Pluto sextile Chiron with Pluto retrograding back to square Uranus: you heal, you solve WHILE breaking new bones. Isn’t that always the way? Plug a leak and new one springs? An endless cycle of repatching our holes.

What is Astrology for? Heh, I think it’s for this, among other things…

Love, MP

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