What Happens To A Dream Deferred?

"saturn in scorpio"I have to write about this.

Was just finishing up an email reading with someone who I’ve worked with over the year, off and on, and I can tell, from all these miles, I can tell she’s brilliant, deep feeling, creative, sensitive.

But she’s not getting what she wants. Oh she is blessed in many many ways but there’s this ONE THING and she wants the door to OPEN and I want the door to open for her too.

She’s a mega-Libra. Saturn was a bitch to her, to her hopes, plans, dreams. Now Saturn has moved into Scorpio and things are moving again and the summer will bring Jupiter to her 10th House and this is wonderful. Things WILL change but damn it’s hard to see that after years of Saturn in Libra on your most sensitive parts.

And she was thanking me and I was thanking her and I told her this, about that unfilled dream:

I know how it is. To want something very much and life keeps saying NOOOOO but then, when you pay close and still attention, you notice it IS offering you *something else*

But the things you want, and aren’t getting, it’s a burning feeling. So we go on, and we continue, and we try to understand what life wants from us! 🙂 Consider yourself Divine, on a Divine path, no matter what.  Do you feel this? 

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