What Do You Value Most? Virgo South Node Needs To Touch It

I woke up this morning thinking about resources and my Nodal axis.

I have a Virgo South Node. I am obsessed with the material world, what I can touch and taste and literally handle. PROOF.

I am also obsessed with the spiritual world — I have Venus in the 12th House. But if we follow the logic that the North Node is hard to get to then… there is a Pisces piece of the puzzle that continually eludes me (and others with this placement!) and how does one truly get there? Out of doubt and into faith for all time? Or is it continual. A daily promise. Gradual. Painstaking πŸ˜‰

Now when I think of “resources” I think of the 8th House. What is mine (2nd House) vs. what is yours or ours (8th House) and even though the 8th House is as real as it gets (i.e. taxes), the 8th is mysterious, ruling “hidden things,” and death and loss and the mystical and sex and the occult. My South Node is not in the 8th (or in the 2nd) but my question/point here is… what makes you feel at home i.e. the South Node is your home. Is it something you touch? Or something that is out of your hands?

If someone is giving you spiritual value or spiritual information or mystical or esoteric or metaphysical or intellectual CURRENCY… is that a fair exchange (TO YOU) for what you can TOUCH.

And maybe this is the nature of the 8th House itself: energy exchange, no matter what is being handed over. And how easy or hard is it for you to engage with others, to hand over your energy or allow yourself to be penetrated?

Happy Sunday! Let me know what you think in the comments πŸ™‚

Love, MP


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