What Are You Pushing Against? Sun and Mercury In Taurus

I am not a personal trainer. It’s not my job to give health advice. The following is a metaphor.

I want you to use the heavier weight.
I want you to increase resistance.
I want you to get to where the tears are.
You get to where the tears are by pushing yourself. By using the heavier weight.

My peeps in the chatrooms know that I’m back to my exercise after a rather sedentary winter and I did good last week.
Done good this week. Doing what needs to be done. Discipline. Better weather. More strength.
Endurance and flexibility increasing.

And I was doing an aerobic interval and added some light hand weights.
And then I was doing a free-weight interval and I let the small weights go and picked up a heavier pair
and I found then what I was looking for: resistance and then the tears.

I was watching my mind. I kept trying to connect the tears to a sad story.
Missing my mother. Hating my apartment. Whatever.
It took effort to stop doing that and just BE THERE. Not attach the emotion to anything.

Today on my Facebook we were talking Taurus.
And folks were sharing their Taurus thoughts and I made the point that I often make about Taurus:

that they are SO strong. They are so determined. Taurus can get what they want. And they are loyal to it.

But, see, it’s double edged because a Taurus can commit to being a jerk.
Or a Taurus can commit to being depressed.
Or a Taurus can commit to being the BEST or the most kind or brilliant…

If you need to NOT FAIL, then ask a Taurus to help you.
If you need to break down a wall, ask a Taurus to help you.
THEY WILL NOT FAIL once they decide what must be!

So, my doves, think of Taurus Season as THE WEIGHT.
And that is you pushing against it.
Because you have to.
Because you NEED the resistance.
And to make EFFORT.
To grow stronger. To grow up. To build muscle. To build a wall. To take down a wall.
To grow up you need Taurus.

I know I know we say we need Capricorn for that, we need Saturn for that (to teach us life lessons)
but I’m here to tell you that Taurus is your Your Necessary Hunky Archangel đŸ™‚

The New Moon Eclipse will be in Taurus, adding a little pizazz to this part of your chart. I like the contradiction.
Taurus is fixed earth, solid and reliable (even the wacky ones) and Eclipses are wild card energy, bursting forth, crushing stasis so…

I say you will find new stability in that part of your chart (and life) but in a new way, an exciting way,
with all the intensity and fireworks that Eclipses can bring đŸ™‚

Love, MP

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