What Are The Lessons Of Saturn?

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
big girl shoes

This topic is on my mind this morning because I slept well but woke up anxious: bad dreams.  I am being forced these days to deal with things that I don’t want to deal with and my Saturn transit is asking me (pushing me) to deal.

Now I am a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars, I rather stick my head in the sand and wish for someone else to take over. Saturn transits, however, compel us to face reality.

Do I have a choice? Yes I have a choice, free-will, blah blah blah. I can face reality or hide and watch the situation spiral and get worse.

But as long as I step into my Big Girl Shoes? I have a chance of solving the problem. Mastery. Wish it felt better though.

Another side of the solution is to step into these shoes one foot at a time and trust (Neptune) that all will be well. We need both: Saturn and Neptune: reality and faith.

Facing a situation is the first stepladder out of hell, rung #1: “accepting reality is not the same as judging it good.”

And one other thing: if you are under a tough Saturn transit, look in your chart to see if you are having a soft/helpful Saturn transit at the same time (as well as reminding yourself of the condition of your natal Saturn). Although Saturn is squaring my center (Sun), my mind (Mercury) and my drive (Mars), he is also sextiling my Venus. I am determined (Saturn) to look good (sextile Venus) for the duration (Saturn!).

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