Welcome Venus in Virgo! You Look Great!

"venus in virgo"
Yes, Nietzsche had Venus in Virgo and you were wondering, weren't you?

I have been a cleaning maniac this weekend. Unprecedented. Or, at least it’s been a while. I even want to mop. Please note that I did not mop, but the desire is there 🙂 What did I do? A ton of other stuff. Don’t make me list it all. I’m sweating now; that’s all you need to know. And yes I credit Venus for this, now in Virgo, the sign of order, and that’s what I think is behind this frenzy of mine: the idea of order in the Big City (to paraphrase Wallace Stevens).

I can’t control the city streets. I can’t control the subway. I can’t control whether the bodega around the corner from me goes out of business.  Put I can put some order to the little world around me. I can change it. I can change it back.

For Virgo people, there is a comfort and a satisfaction in housework. Everything feels so much… lighter now. Know the feeling? And then I look around the room and I see one more detail, one more thing that I want to… I’m going to say the F-word now… Virgo’s favorite F-word… one more thing that I WANTTOFIX!

Ah! There. Did it. 

As above, so below? As without, so within.  If I bring order to my little Virgo Moon, my home, my outside, will I bring some much needed order to my inside? One can only hope 😉 Stay tuned for more…

Where does Venus in Virgo fall in your chart?

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