Welcome To Your New Moon In Libra Support Group

So we are all recovering from the New Moon in Libra. (Well, some of us.)

The Sun and Moon have been opposing not just transiting Uranus but, for me, my natal Chiron and my Chiron does not like poking and prodding. My Chiron prefers to be left alone in my 8th House.

But enough about me…

How’s your weekend going?

The Moon doesn’t enter Scorpio until tomorrow morning (in the wee hours in the Big City) and we have a whole slew of Moony aspects as well as Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto. DEEP THOUGHTS and deep feelings. THE WELL. A good day for psychic readings, giving or getting.

Definitely keep your eye on this Mercury. The retrograde beings on the 21st! You want to find your Scorpio House and… do a little self-inquiry, even some prediction.

What will return? What will renew? What will review? Scorpio can be paranoid though so watch out for that. Be keen without cruelty.

Monday, the 7th: Venus enters Sagittarius. A good time to explore LIFE and LOVE again. Very Fool card to me. If you’ve been feeling drowny and stagnant, for god’s sake get out of the house. Go for a walk. Have fun.

Tuesday, the 8th: Mercury conjoins Saturn. A serious day with a nod to what the retrograde period is about to you. Take it seriously. Seriously. Serious peeps, this is YOUR DAY! Enjoy 😉

Wednesday, the 9th: Moon in Sagittarius as antidote to Tuesday’s heavyosity

Thursday, the 10th: VENUS SQUARE NEPTUNE. I have this in my natal. Romantics among us will LOVE this day (and this week actually, as the aspect applies). Daydream to your heart’s content. Fantasize a pirate ship, a stowaway, a desert island, a love supreme, the Orient Express, the top of the mountain, expedition to your heart’s content, little snowy cabin at sunset. Imagine. AND PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT i.e. don’t feel guilty about it. I will listen to my Hope Sandoval and stare off into space, pondering my Beloved. Drift, dream, drift dream, eat ice cream, drift, dream, write a poem, read a poem, drift, dream, eat ice cream.

WEEKEND: SUN squares JUPITER aww yeah. THIS IS THE ANSWER YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. And the answer could very well emerge from inside you. It’s not from any outside source or recognition. It’s a quiet, inner knowing that… FREAKS YOUR SHIT OUT. Why? Because it matters so much. Because it’s the Sun (you) and Jupiter (HUGE). This excitement could even be over that new brand of kale chip the store down the street is selling. See, it’s all very personal. Basically, your HOPE comes back. Your kale chip hope.




Got questions? Check out this link here! To my Readings page.

Love, MP


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Manage and master this FORCE for good. Libra = love and relationships and keeping the peace.

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