Welcome To The Astro-Diner!

"astrology lessons"

Why a diner? Read on and find out…

Not long ago I met with someone who was interested in watching me work, how I put a chart together, interpreted aspects, and we looked at the chart of a friend of hers.

She already had some astro-knowledge although I’m happy to work with beginners too.

Sessions can last an hour to 90 minutes,  a cross between a lesson and a reading. I will show you how to read your chart if you don’t already know, or we can look at someone else’s. Whatever comes up. Very free-flowing. And I’m a really patient teacher.

Of course you must be local to do this and we need not go to a diner but I have a Cancer Stellium. I like food around me :)

And please know that these lessons/readings differ from more “formal” readings in that I don’t do prep work. I just print the chart(s) and go! And it’s all very on the spot. How I work in person, too, is different from when I type/work by email. I think different parts of the brain get engaged. In either case, I enjoy them both :)

Email me at moonpluto@gmail for rates and more details!

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