Welcome To Earth! (Mercury in Virgo)

"moon pluto"

Mercury in Virgo means I still get to write Virgo posts 🙂

Ever try to talk to someone whose mind was tied up in knots? VIRGO knots.

I have a Virgo Moon and so does my roommate. I see these knots in myself. Maybe you do too.

This evening she was working on her blog and I was helping her. That’s how I saw it anyway 😉

I had been doing a reading and was taking a break, needed to clear my energy and yet I felt “in the zone.” So she was working on her blog post and I saw her overthinking everything and wanting to delete it and being self-critical and… destroying. She was destroying her own creation, or wanting to… and this speaks to more than Virgo… but I said to her:  leave it. Break it into pieces (it was quite long) and make a few posts out of it. And continue. Keep going.  Continue. Continue. Continue. Continue. Keep going.

See, the blog subject is something, someone, she’s obsessed with (i.e. a certain public figure) and I was telling her that obsessions have strength! Energy! Use it! Keep going! Keep blogging! Don’t turn the energy in on itself. And I said to her, all Venus in Leo, all haughty: LISTEN TO ME. I know. RIGHT NOW I KNOW!

When we were done chatting, she came out of her room and said, “Oh, it is breaking up very nicely into sections.” Smile 🙂

Trying to get a Taurus Sun/Virgo Moon, trying to get ALL THAT EARTH TO LET GO? It can feel impossible because the Virgo has to analzye and turn over in their mind everything you say to make sure it’s sound. They don’t take it on faith. They NEED faith.

Roomie also has a busy 12th House. She gets in her own way and yes she SELF-UNDOES.

Let it go, Virgo. Let it go… You can’t move forward if you don’t let it go.

Virgo holds on. Taurus holds on. With their teeth! How do you get the earthbound to fly? You don’t. You just hope some of your hope can… leak into them? No. Wrong metaphor. They want it verbal, you know? They want it mind. They want to feel it, touch it, they want evidence.

But I told her: you’ve got Jupiter in the 1st House. You know all about faith. You can do this.

You don’t get an earthbound Taurus/Virgo to fly. You push them off the ledge. And they come out of their room and tell you that you were right heh heh heh.

Letting it go. Letting it all go. Into space, literally. Cyberspace.  Her precious words and thoughts.

Roomie overedits. Everything. She overedits her writing, she overedits her life. Instead of living it.

Virgo mind cannot set itself free by using Virgo mind. Virgo mind needs help imagining another way.

Anyone reading this, please don’t make the same mistake. Yes, write. Yes, edit. But live too.

Mercury was the winged messenger. You must fly.

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