WELCOME THE WEIRD: New Moon in Aquarius

"new moon in aquarius" Quiet Monday evening but the sirens.
Quiet Monday evening but Elton John on repeat.
Yes I’ve discovered I can listen to hours of Elton John’s Greatest Hits, Volumes One and Two + Amoreena.

New Moon in Aquarius tomorrow
and I’m doing housework with Elton, chatting about the sexiness of perimenopause, and… isn’t that enough? HAVE I NOT DONE MY JOB TODAY? The New Moon will be in my 6th House: work, job, details, housework, the servant, Virgo’s house, cleanliness, order, organization, etc. We do it well. We do it weird. The house of harvesting and healing and hygiene, care and health of the body, nutrition, solar plexus, ceremonial magic, and goats (and more).

I have Virgo Rising, Virgo Moon Pluto, Virgo South Node. Moon trine Saturn. A kind Soul reminded me that today is a HOLIDAY in the U.S. and thus I could take a day off. I had already worked half a day, but then I did indeed take a break. I had planned to go grocery shopping, which is my heroin, but the bus took forever (holiday bus schedule!) and I got cold and hungry and frustrated and instead went to a local watering hole for food porn. Even my Progressed Moon in Taurus was embarrassed.

WELCOME THE WEIRD, my friends. Sun in Aquarius. New Moon in Aquarius. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. Did you ditch the rut? Will you? That’s what this week is for. You’re a butterfly. And butterflies are free to fly. Fly away. High away. 

The rest of the week is not pain free. Not completely. Let’s be honest. Moon in Pisces will conjoin Mars and Neptune and Chiron and also square Saturn in Sagittarius. You are going to feel. You are going to feel things. You are going to question whether these things you feel are even yours to feel and whose they really are since you tend to be a Bounty paper towel the super picker-upper when the Moon is in Pisces.

I don’t think the square to Saturn puts a lid on the feels except briefly. New Moon on the 20th. Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st. Time travel. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius IS TIME TRAVEL.

Where do you want to return?
What do you want returned? 

Love, MP

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