Welcome Libra Season! You’re Not As Pretty As You Look ;)

Damn I kept trying to make a video this evening and it didn’t work.

A video about relationships.

A video about LIBRA.

A video about how the Sun entered Libra today and the next New Moon is in Libra and how in 2014 we’re in for a Grand Cross (a stressful configuration) because of Mars’ extended stay in Libra, due to its retrograde motion.

My main point was this: FIND THE LIBRA HOUSE(s) IN YOUR CHART AND STAY THERE i.e. focus there.

This house is alive and on fire STARTING NOW.

But the fire need not destroy you, or anyone. There shall be light.

Your relationships will be tested in 2014. The closest ones will be tested in 2014. Relationships that are *merely* surface, will they make it? I wonder.

Mars is FIERCE.

Libra (Venus) is LOVE.

Mars in Libra fights for love, fights for peace, fights for JUSTICE.

YOU will be fighting for love, fighting for peace, fighting for justice, and yes you WILL be tested.

You will be tested by death (Pluto), by shock (Uranus), by good fortune (Jupiter).

And how you handle yourself, how you present yourself, how you SURFACE to the world and to your loved ones, will matter more than ever.

How you master the Mars in Libra challenge will determine your Mars in Scorpio transit as well because whatever remains… WILL BE your Mars in Scorpio transit. Know what I’m saying?

Whatever are left with, whether you finish this transit alone or married or somewhere in between, it will support (Scorpio) you, beyond your wildest dreams.

Love, MP


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