Welcome Leo Season: Do You Know Where Your Heart Is?

"mercury retrograde in leo"Sometimes I’m overcome with self-doubt.

And sometimes it backs off. Fierce one minute. Snoozing then next. Like a lion.

And as soon as I learn a new skill I feel it invalidates everything I’ve done up to that point.

A very smart Virgo woman once told me “continual improvement” when I asked her how to shush my Virgo Moon Pluto conjunction which was harassing me with its intense perfectionist tendencies.

Today’s Message is this: the Sun in Leo is the antidote to self-doubt.

An analogy:  if you know cats then you know that a cat who doesn’t comfortably and sweetly assert her (or his) needs is one who hasn’t had an easy beginning.

True cat nature is curious and frisky and loving, not afraid and definitely not hostile.

The Sun now in Leo wants the same from you! Be curious. Be frisky. Be loving.

Leo is associated with the Sun and the heart and the 5th house. Here are some keywords from Rex Bills for you to ponder:

-ballrooms, betting, big animals, the circus, children, castles, crowns, diamonds, GREATNESS, love affairs, palaces, parties, pleasure, bright red, romance, sports, the urge to achieve, joy, independence, your vigor and vitality, radiance, PRIDE, peacocks, honors, kings, leaders, daytime, EGO, dignity, FAME, powerful friends…

How will you live Leo Season?

Love, MP


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