Weird Things Are Happening Already: Full Moon In My 11th House

"full moon in cancer 2012"
C is for Full Moon in Cancer and Cookie

Where’s the upcoming Full Moon for you?

My previous post made mention of the 11th House being the house associated with Aquarius (weird) although of course you may have a different sign on this house cusp….

This Full Moon sits between my Cancer Sun and Cancer Mercury (with Mars right there too).

I don’t have any planets in the 5th house (Saturn ruled, for me) but the Cancer Full Moon not only crabcrawls through 11th House issues, but talks to the 5th House as well (these houses oppose each other on the wheel).

Are you making connections already regarding your own chart and the upcoming Loony Moony Moon?

Prepare for some Emotional Experiences 🙂 no matter your sign. Not because this Full Moon is poorly aspected in the sky but because it’s CANCER, the sign of our FEEEEEEEEEEELINGS and Full Moons are emotional and things come to light and some of you may be very airy fairy and not accustomed to tiptoeing (or slamdancing) through THE MOOOOOODS.

Embody the Spirit of the Cancer. 

My suggestion: watch a tear-jearker, eat cookies.



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