Weekend Tarot LOVE Forecast!

"full moon in taurus"Looking for love? Getting over a break-up? Happily entangled? I will draw three sets of cards…

1. For those seeking their Twin Flame, here’s your Weekend Wisdom (and, remember every minute counts!)

You get selfish because you’re so afraid and I know you think that they’re the ones to blame, usually, but you’re wrong. Not all the time. But some of the time!

So if you are looking for love, loosen up! I know you want a stable love, a wise love. I can see you’ve walked through the valley of the shadow of crappy love but (pulling a clarifying card here) damn girl (boy)! You need to live a little. Risk. Step out of– No. LEAP out of your comfort zone and over the cliff. Getting hurt is not a guarantee. Getting boring is if you continue the way you’re going. Your life has become dry as a twig. Venus entering Libra means she’ll be opposing Uranus next week so LIVE.

Cards included the Four of Pentacles and The Fool

2. For those Crying In Their Cocktail Over Love Refusing To Stay The Night

I’m sorry, sweet pea. You deserve better. And I see your melancholy madness has turned into refusal and depressing music. Don’t let it. I know you had high hopes. REALLY high hopes. He was the one. She was the one. Or good enough. You are TIRED of being ONE. And I can see, I can see quite clearly here that you are up against it. But the enemy is you. It’s not anyone else now but you. The battle you’re fighting? You, you, you, and you. Now for the advice card: REST. Lay your burden down like a tiny baby down for a nap. You *must* sleep. You *must* eat. You must go for a walk, drink in the sun. Yes, make time to moan and groan but then turn right around and get an Immune Booster. With beets. And ginger. Love, Mama MP.

P.S. Venus in Libra opposing Uranus next week = go on and wear those false eyelashes/purple moo-moo/bowler hat/Lee Press-On Nails that he (she) always shunned. Take back the night!

Cards included the 10 of Wands and 7 of Wands

3. For The Happily Entangled

Yes, you can get from Point A to Point C and feel Happily Entangled again. What I see here is a progression. Point A is despair. Is it over? What remains? Point B is reciprocation. Each of you concerned with making the other one happy. And Point C is renewal, harmonic rebirth. Reblooming romance. What’s needed? A little work, paying attention to the details. It’s more than possible. It’s likely. Do not wait for an angel. Consider yourself an apprentice learning a new skill or remembering an old one. The cards for you are filled with deep feeling cups: the cups of what’s been spilled, the cups of measuring who gives what, the cups of sharing. And then the 8 of Pentacles whistling while he (or she) works.

Venus in Libra opposing Uranus for YOU means HOT SEX.

Cards included Temperance 😉

Happy Weekend! And stay safe, New Yorkers!