Weekend Tarot Forecast For Lovers

Looking ahead to the weekend and the truth has come out.

Today, tomorrow, the day after, the truth has come out. Now you are free. The Moon enters wise and wandering Sagittarius, Saturday morning (Big City time). After a tense week, now you can enjoy.


This weekend we’re under a Sun Saturn opposition. Your little happy dance may get pissed on by… the fallout from a job half-done. An error you didn’t catch. A reprimand. A slap. A secret.

And although the Moon trines Uranus and sextiles Mercury this weekend (inspiring, fun) there are tense aspects as well thus LOVE (Venus is in Taurus) may feel more like a crown of thorns than a tiara. Wear it proudly anyway, says my Venus in Leo.

Let’s see what the cards say, if they give us any better news for the lovers out there:

LOL. The Moon, Death, 10 of Wands.

Do you really need me to explain these cards 😉

Death here was my “middle card” — and Death is in constant motion, on that white horse, slowly trampling the 10 of Wands, whatever you believe your burden is and the Moon is your fear (and the Full Moon) of losing it all. One more card to soften the blow and we see the Knight of Swords, also on horseback, rushing into battle with Death.

Very Sun Saturn wouldn’t you say? Two opposing forces. Death is you in this case, moving, changing and the Knight is forcing your hand.

What will you choose? 

Love, MP


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