Weekend Tarot Forecast For Lovers: Hope Anyway

What does your life depend on? 


Weekend Tarot Forecast for confused lovers, for lonely lovers, for in-love lovers, for grieving lovers, for all of the above, for some of the above, for lovers in blue skirts, for lovers in big cities, for lovers wearing rings, and more, this forecast is for you.

Moon void of course right now in the Big City. Enters Gemini in about an hour. Moon in Gemini all weekend.

Moon square Neptune today: confused lovers!

Mercury enters Aries today: hot lovers, got something to say lovers. Watch your tongue.

Tomorrow, a Yod: Moon in Gemini, Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn. Don’t make your lover jealous. Moon in Gemini flirts but please don’t make the Saturn Pluto sextile jealous. It’s not worth it for a glass of lemonade with the cute boy (girl).

Also, Moon square Chiron: see? I warned you! 😉

By the end of the day (Sunday) all is well as the Moon is conjunct Jupiter and you feel good and he (she) feels good and the hope and faith (Jupiter!) you feel feels as real as the chair you’re sitting in and the computer you’re typing on and the body you’re living in, including everything that’s wrong and everything that’s right. Without hope, we die. I know I know sometimes we have to give hope a break because it hurts too much to hope. Inside hope is a kernel of loss, heartbreak, that it won’t come true, that the Beloved will leave, that failure, that it’s been for nothing. Hope anyway.


My life depends upon where Pluto is transiting now but just went retrograde, at the very beginning of my 5th House. Creation. Creative transformation. (Thinking out loud: I taught a mini-course on the 5th House, Pluto, and Creativity once. I wonder if it’s time again to do another one like that.)


Tarot Love Advice for the collective: okay my friends this is new, this is brand new. Even if you’ve been with this person for 20 years, 30 years, or 5 years, this is NEW. You can do it differently. And if this is a new person, oh yes there is hope. And the feeling is mutual. And if you want to think of this as… your relationship with yourself or your relationship with the Divine? Go ahead! God has a hard-on for you too 🙂 And I mean that… in the best way 🙂 Ace of Wands. Page of Pentacles. Page of Cups. There is so much potential here (and yes potential is not reality) I’m tempted to say (as RuPaul says): don’t fuck it up. These lovers are sweet, well-meaning, trying hard, diligent, excited…

So the advice is about your attitude, your approach. You have everything you need right here so keep going.

One more word of advice from two more cards: the transition you are in now: from the Queen of Swords (mourning) to the Fool and his break of day. Ready?

Got weekend plans? What’s on your mind? 

Love, MP


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