Weekend Tarot Forecast: Broom, Blood, & Brain

Rest! Relax!

Moon will be in Taurus this weekend.

We’re under a Mars Neptune opposition too and you can read my thoughts about that here but let me also say this:

Find the Virgo/Pisces axis in your chart (early degrees, say between 0 – 5) and realize/remember that your MIND CAN AND LIKELY WILL PLAY TRICKS ON YOU in the areas of your life (governed by those houses). This is the nature of Neptune (trickery, illusion). And in aspect to Mars in Virgo? You think you’re right (as always) BUT… I’d get a second opinion. And a third. And then a fourth.


Weekend Tarot Forecast for BROOM, BLOOD & BRAIN (home, spirit, mind):

Thank you, Tarot Goddess! We got some beautiful cards here:


Blood/Spirit: I know you thirst for new adventure. So pick one! (The Fool)

Brain/Mind: Okay, with the entrance of this card (Page of Wands) I am now starting to read them as a unit. It’s really full speed ahead for you. And may hear news but I suggest… not waiting.

And yet… I can’t help but feel something quite lovely in the days ahead. May have to wait for November. And it will come as a surprise but one of those full circle surprises. Could be related to the house where Mercury is transiting for you.

Love, MP


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