Weekend TAROT Forecast And Why You Need The Goddess

Why am I doing a short course on the Goddess Asteroids?

Because I got obsessed while I was giving over my thoughts on VENUS in the Mars and Venus class and it felt complimentary to me – MORE female power to talk about.

Especially helpful if your Venus is stressed because hey you may have a vivacious Vesta ­čśë or ┬áan ab fab Athena! Don’t let ┬ábothersome ideas of Venus and how women are “supposed to be” limit your expression in the world.

And the last time I talked about the Goddess Asteroids was last year I think, in the first astro class I did. The grief and possessiveness of Ceres. The dedication and concentration of Vesta. The wisdom and courage of Pallas Athena. And Juno. I am remembering now that the Juno story (the faithful wife) was the most mysterious to me… I look forward to revisiting these ladies.



Saturday: Moon in vulnerable Cancer making all kinds of aspects. Is there someone you want to open up to? Moon will conjoin Jupiter and oppose Pluto (among other goodies). Big emotions and possible dramarama BUT… I say go for it. Heart on sleeve and all. Tarot says? THREE OF WANDS. Put it out there. See what comes back to you.

Sunday: SUN (in Leo) TRINE URANUS and Moon conjunct Mercury. TAKE A CHANCE. You are a brilliant idea. And ooooh enigmatic energy here EIGHT OF CUPS. Yes, THE DECISION IS FINAL. Take a bow. What comes to an end for you, shortly before the New Moon?

Got questions about this, the class, or the NEW MOON IN LEO? Look here! And here for info about Readings. 

Love, MP