Weekend Love Tarot: Tend Your Garden

"tarot readings in nyc"I probably should start writing a Weekend Married Love Tarot!

This is a Weekend Single Unsettled Tarot 😉

Here are the Cards:

Oh you ARE pondering! Pondering pondering pondering! Reflecting. Is it worth it? Is he worth it? Is she worth it? Is LOVE worth it? What’s love go to do with it?


And these cards also tell me… you can’t ground right now.

And maybe you don’t have to or need to.

I mean, you can’t nail it down. It won’t sit still. It’s still shifting.

So what to do with fire? Create. Whatever your art is. Create. And let go.

Ultimately? You will have your Justice. The Universe may not care either way but you will be redeemed.

Advice cards:

-non-attachment is favored

-commitment is favored, whether to yourself or to him/her/it

-change is a given. Big change.

I’ll ask what’s the nature or the tenor of the change. And then I’ll stop. 🙂

Victory after struggle.

Damn. Got to pull one more. Give me the Final Answer, little cards!

It’s you. It’s always been you. Tend your garden. Oranges grow. And blueberries. And apples. And grapefruit! Pears in the penumbras! You have your hero’s journey and s/he has his (or hers).

That’s where you find the elusive ground. Together. Friendship first, okay? All else follows.

Love, MP

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