Weekend! Love! Tarot!

"saturn in scorpio"I’m going to pull three cards for your Weekend in Love and Romance and if you read my Astro post this morning then you know the Moon is in Cancer and a Sun Jupiter opposition is building.

I think you’ll feel your feelings this weekend. You won’t be able to avoid them! Just know that the sensations and moods come and go like clouds in the sky, big big big fluffy Jupiter-size clouds!

(This Reading may apply to other situations in your life, not just love and relationships.)


Oh dear. You DO have options. You aren’t sure what to do. Conflicting emotions! Sweet emotions too. Jupiter in Gemini is not one, not two, not three. Jupiter in Gemini is MANY, is a lot, is information and communication and words and thoughts and save clarity for another day. Save promises for another day. Enjoy the daydream ๐Ÿ™‚

And as soon as I say that I see a card that shows you are leaving something or someone behind. Or maybe it’s an idea. And what I see is that you want to sneak away, pack up your knives and go but I have a feeling this isn’t the end. You are not at a stopping point. Be in the moment. How hard is that for you?

Ultimately? It’s stability and security that you seek in this situation and you are ambitious in your search for such. There is real strength and power behind your decisions now despite not being 100% sure and…

One more card: you aren’t alone. He (or she or it or Spirit) is there with you. There may be some confusion here, but not deceit.

Yeah yeah yeah one more: this final card, in the context of this reading, reminds me of the inconjunct from Gemini to Scorpio (which was part of our Eclipse yesterday). That Gemini lives in possibility and Scorpio wants it final, committed. When you combine these two, you get stability ON the mountaintop. You can climb so high because you’re supported.

(Cards in this reading include: The Fool, the King of Wands, The Emperor, 7 of Swords, 7 of Cups)



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