Weekend LOVE Forecast And What It Has To Do With Stevie Nicks

Forget the Eclipse for just a moment.

Enter the tunnel of love. MoonPlutoLand tunnel of love.

And I was going to write about the 6th House today, about mastering the details of daily life,  BUT I rather write a love forecast 🙂


The Big Picture:  Moon in Sagittarius almost all weekend.

Saturday’s best aspect is the Moon in Sag trine Uranus in Aries.

Uranus is unstable energy and in Aries he’s… downright scary at times. Aggressive.  If he’s coming to the party, we rather him dress as a trine (or sextile). Moon Uranus for you could be company coming or a weird phone call with Mom or some good luck house hunting, especially if your natal Jupiter is in air or fire.

Most of us benefit from the Moon in Sagittarius even if our charts don’t support it. You can’t hate a Sag for long. They keep coming back to lick your face like the dogs they are (no offense! I love dogs!).

Sunday morning the Moon goes void of course and enters Capricorn in the afternoon so a pretty short void period (a good thing if you’ve got stuff to do).

Also on Sunday the Sun squares Neptune, Gemini to Pisces (two shape shifters walk into a bar and…) and once again the Virgo Suns, Moons, and Risings are suffering. I laugh because Virgo suffering is a given 😉 They are not comfortable with obscurity. They want shit DEFINED. Boundaries and borders and bleach oh my!

But seriously, it’s not a horrible weekend at all.



You can choose to feel oppressed (for whatever reason) or you can put on your gauzy Sun Neptune veil (yes, the one you refuse to give to Goodwill) and mystic-out! Think Stevie Nicks. Think Gypsy, back to the gypsy that you were, that you were. 

Interesting that the Moon goes void of course (good for psychic readings but that’s about it) right before the SunNeptune square as though it’s a wave you cannot avoid and must surf or risk falling off your board. Don’t fall off your board. That would be embarrassing and ocean water is burny. Virgos are desperately holding on to their dignity and hmm maybe they need to… let it go.


But what about the LOVE, MoonPluto?

This weekend is not the end. This weekend may or may not be the beginning. Carry on.

Wisdom from Osho:

Dang! I got PATIENCE. And here I thought I was going to pull a card I’d never seen before (that’s been happening lately). But Patience is the wisdom.

Let me put that in Sag vernacular:


(I know, I know, not all Sagittarius say “babe” but my childhood best friend did and Matthew Currie does (my astro-collaborator on my/our  SUMMER SPECIAL).

What is the essence of Patience? In the words of Osho: she is neither sleepy nor indifferent. She knows it is time to be ready for something momentous. It is a time full of mystery, like the hours before the dawn. It is a time when the only thing to do is wait.

If that doesn’t grab you, then this might

Love, MP


Me and the lovely/talented Matthew Currie are working together on a SUMMER LOVE Special. Click here and here.

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