Wednesday Night Astrology

"Wim Wenders"
Nastassja Kinski has Mars in Cancer

I went outside to smoke a cigarette. And it was dark, is dark, despite the little light by the side door and I didn’t want to go out back, even though out back is the yard, the grass, the opening. Too dark. Could be rats. Really. This is the city after all.

I smoked in… not the alley, but the passageway, the walk between the house where I live and the fence which separates us from the house next door: a long slim line. It felt uncomfortable not to smoke where I wanted. I felt trapped and I had to remind myself to look up. I could see some stars.

This is the point now where I relate this experience to a current transit that I’m having or that you’re having and yes it reminded me of Saturn. That stuck feeling. Limited. Limiting.

When you leave the subway each day, there’s always and I mean always someone waiting by the turnstile, ready to ask you if you have an UNlimited card, meaning that it won’t cost you anything to let them in.

So my question for you is: what makes you feel unlimited? Do you remember to look up? I always have to remind myself this. Maybe it comes from living in the city too long, you always look at the sidewalk when you walk because there are so many, well, potholes and other stuff, other places, accidents, you could fall into.

Again thinking of Saturn vs Jupiter: our need to contract vs. our need to expand and the balance between. Like smoking between one house and another.

Ever notice that your charts do BOTH at once, that your transits do both at once? You get the energy to move forward and then you stop. And then you move. And then you stop. Mars Saturn transits and aspects are famous for this: driving with the breaks on.

How do you feel tonight? Are you contracting? Or expanding? Or both? 

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