Wednesday Morning Tarot

"tarot reading in nyc"We’re in the midst of some intense astrological transits so where can we find relief?

Let’s ask the cards for advice 🙂

Here is what you should pay attention to (yes, I used the “should” word!)

First, pay attention to your worries. Are you manufacturing them? Probably, to some degree. How can you calm this down. What do you need to do? What works for you? Please do some serious self-soothing today, however you see fit. Make it a priority.

Song suggestion: Bjork although I can see how she would make some people nervous but she has a very Scorpio chart. The depthy water may calm you down. I am listening to some Peter Gabriel too. I don’t know his chart but, again, more depth.

Second, I see two very harmonious cards. Compatibility with the people and situations in your life. Make an effort to get along today. Making peace inside, making peace with others, no matter how cranky or unsure you feel.

If someone comes to you with an offering and you aren’t sure what to make of it or them, don’t go all Pluto. Don’t look for the motivation. It’s face value time. You actually CAN trust what you first perceive.

What do your cards say?

Love, MP