Wednesday Morning Astrology

"born free"
the moon is in leo!

Just a little thought for the day… and realizing that I may not have time to blog until tomorrow – oh no! ย I shall miss you. And will be late responding to comments.

I know I was talking about the New Moon in Aquarius last night but TODAY our Moon is in Leo. So think about that! Use this energy. Apply it!

Find your Leo House and… do something inspiring there! Something brave! Something fun! My Leo is the 12th House. I shall meditate boldly and with grand fire!ย 

Leo is a funny sign… actually… now that I sit here… thinking thinking thinking… typing this… thinking about this… because what I wrote above are some keywords for the IDEAL Leo and I do believe we need to shoot for the ideal of the signs in our lives but in real life there’s always… more.

Thinking of someone that I know, Leo Rising, Leo Sun, an air/fire chart mostly and she can stay stuck in a crappy situation longer than any sacrifical Neptunian that I know. I like to remind her: YOU ARE A DOUBLE LEO because she’s more lost kitten than Queen of the Jungle.

I don’t have her chart in front of me but am pretty sure her Sun takes some hits, aspect-wise. And we’ve talked about her fears, at times, being related to her father i.e. the Sun.

It’s not this simple of course. But then sometimes it is.


My suggestion for today: go forth with the ideal — not the Moon in Leo with a thorn in its paw but the adorable dramatic Leo without whom theatre would not exist.

Seek your audience. Perform with pride. Make sure your hair looks amazing.

What are your Wednesday morning thoughts?ย 


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