Wednesday Morning Astrology (Eclipsing!)

There it is again: the silence. It’s early morning. Early-ish. In the Big City. I hear the birds outside. Someone pressing buttons on their cell phone out back. The computer humming. My fingers typing. One cat purring and… my own thoughts inside my head, sleepy thoughts. The astrology? Read on to find out!

I got an email from a reader the other day who suggested I change the *look* of my blog. When I first opened the email I didn’t know what to think, read it at a late hour, and put it aside. Later that day, I began to see that she was right.

Now I have Venus square Saturn in my natal chart and Venus square Saturn is not comfortable in the world of beauty or style. I’m happy if my t-shirt and jeans are clean, although I want the t-shirt and jeans to fit RIGHT, you know? And that’s enough.  And I want my blog to be read and enjoyed and do well. So. That’s why the make-over and I may change the template yet again until I find what I’m looking for, ’til I find the Levis of my dreams.

And yeah, I’m going to tie this in to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse because eclipses bring news, and I’d say even more news and information than usual because we are dealing with the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. And if you have these folks in your life, well, you know. You know they usually have something to say 🙂 My news also came from abroad, which is very Sagittarius, very 9th House, and I’ve got Jupiter transiting my 9th House. See? It was big (Jupiter) news (Sadge/9th) to me. And it was shocking. And now the old look of my blog has been eclipsed.

Dear fellow Star Gazers, think of this eclipse as your own personal CNN (or Fox news, whatever). Broadcasting. Your life broadcasting the truth of your life. If your natal chart is a map of the heavens at the time you were born, then everything that’s transiting now? Happening now? Is a message for you.

Take the energy of the day and… well… what do you want to do with it? 

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