Wednesday Morning Astrology

venus in leo

What gives you pride? Is pride always an ego thing?

I started thinking about this because I was, well, feeling some pride about something (which I shall keep secret!) and immediately I thought of Leo and the Sun and realized that the thing I was feeling proud of DOES make an aspect to my Venus in Leo!

In Yiddish, when we feel pride in someone else’s accomplishment we call it nachas. That glowy feeling when someone you love does good. It makes your eyes smile.

Wednesday morning message:

no matter how bad off you feel your Venus is or your Mars is or your Pluto is… there is still a diamond in there, another way to think about it.

For example, in the comments (and I don’t remember who) someone was lamenting some personal planet and was listing all the aspects and I thought to myself: HEY! That’s not so bad. Why do you think that’s so bad? I was feeling/seeing magic and they were feeling/seeing UGH. Not that I would argue with someone’s personal experience BUT….

Maybe they got their info from a doomsy astrologer or from a website that was overly negative. Or maybe the bad feeling they were feeling was related to something else in the chart.

Point is this: it’s worthwhile to find the bright side of even the seemingly most shitty moment in your chart. The bright side IS AS TRUE and real as the dark you cling to. Shift your perspective. You’ll see.


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