Wedding Blog For Libra Season (no. 1)

Sometimes it felt like there was a conspiracy of wrong, not a conspiracy of right.

In general.


Ugh internet relationships.

We each had to… push through walls (and walls behind the walls and then some) and walk on water to get here.

I mean, to where we are RIGHT NOW.

Yeah, I’m talking about my upcoming… marriage.

I’m getting married.

After we went to the courthouse to get the license, M. wanted to know how I felt about marriage, what it meant to me and we discovered that we both felt that it was an opportunity to try harder, to do MORE.

It IS different. It  changes things.

(And I have to mention again that I believe 100% that consenting adults should have the right to marry. We saw many beautiful gay couples the day we got our license.)


In one of the chatrooms we were talking about the 7th House of the zodiac wheel, its association with Libra and Venus, committed partnerships, personal or even business.

One of the hardest things about the 7th House (and descendent) and these days one of the most commonly talked about is… how we “project” our 7th House.

I’ve been rereading Howard Sasportas‘ book on the houses (I recommend it to all).

“What we are unaware of in ourselves, we invariably attract to us through others.”

So many aha moments talking about this stuff in the chat room. So many that I have to reread the threads for it to sink in. And then I forget. And then I reread again 🙂

What are your hopes for Libra Season? 

Love, MP


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