We Should Eat: Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Aries, October 8th

"full moon eclipse in aries" We should eat. And watch Grey’s Anatomy.

That’s my advice for this day (and night). No one is feeling all that great. Full Moon coming, Eclipse coming, it’s a lot of energy to run.

Sun inconjunct Chiron today. Like we’ve been slipped the lonely drug when we weren’t looking. We thought it was going to be okay today but it is not okay. Lucky for us though, tomorrow is another day and it shall bring… ?

Any stalemate/impasse/standoff you feel is an illusion. Things actually are moving. Only question is… in what direction.

In the Eclipse class I was listing the transits IN BETWEEN the two eclipses. Noticing how positive they are. Many sextiles, good helpful energy. And on the Private Blog was just talking about the natal planets in your chart (in Aries/Libra) that are NOT in orb of the eclipse degree — and that they, too, matter. October is a game changer, yes, if we pay attention especially to the surrounding details, the side dishes, not just the meatloaf.

Not. Just. The. Meatloaf.

I want to pull a card for you now. We should eat. I want to pull a card for you now. The “empty leg” of the Eclipse chart is Cancer. THUS WE SHOULD EAT. So I will pull a card. For how best you should FEED YOURSELF. Do not forget to feed yourself. Full Moons, Full Moon Eclipses TAKE UP SPACE. In you. But I’m feeling EMPTY CALORIES thus you must support this full-emptiness with more than just a nosh. I don’t know what to call it… you must support this juicy electric spiral download of Full Moon-Uranus-South Node-Pluto-Sun-Venus-North Node with…


Hmmm veddy interesting! I pulled this for myself last week. The matter most needing my attention Ecilpse-wise. And this reminds me of a client I was talking to this morning who says that she self-sabotages and this idea of holding ourselves back or getting in our own way or guilt or shame or fever or…


Make it stop with six ways. Six orbits. Six trajectories. Six ANSWERS. Six horses. Six exits and entrances.


From Angeles Arrien: The Six of Wands represents that there could be opportunities or expansiveness in creative areas of our life in the next six weeks or the next six months that could give you the experience of revitalization, expansion, and break-through.

Well, I think that fits the Eclipse/Grand Fire Trine pretty well 🙂

Feed your ego, my friends. A little pride, a little arrogance 😉 goes a long way and you know you need it. You know you’ve been holding back. Will others mind? Maybe. But so what? What if they mind? What if? You get to be more you and you lose a bunch of fake friends in the process. Arrien calls the Six of Wands a win-win. Mutual unfolding and opening. 

Okay, my friends, I command you 🙂 I command you to set a Full Moon “intention.”

I release…
I release…
I release…

Love, MP

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