We Are Water Until We Are Fire: Sun In The Late Degrees Of Cancer

Angelina Jolie has Cancer Rising

Do you feel energy? Sometimes I need to feel energy around me, more than I need to talk, although I need that too. And I give this quality to my Cancer planetsMercury in Cancer can be quiet or just… a sideways communicator.

My Cancer stellium is in the 11th House so I love to absorb energy from a group, like in my meditation class or at a church or shul or really any pleasant enclosed environment. Enclosed, yes. I’m no nature girl but I do love the ocean of course. Shopping, conversely, is something I dislike; it overwhelms me. Energy overload.

This was on my mind because once I told my quadruple Taurus roommate that I could feel her energy and that was enough for me. I had less of a need to speak or be social in the way that her Venus-ruled life needs. And she was shocked, and complimented: “Really? You feel my energy? It’s good?” (Apologies if I’ve told this story before; I think I have.)

When someone is quietly puttering around the apartment, doing their thing, it can bring me such a feeling of peace. And when the energy is gone, well, that can also bring me a feeling of peace. And maybe this is also why I enjoy the cats so much: it’s an energy relationship even though they do talk and I talk to them. (Oh man do they talk!)

What about you? What do you need from other people? 

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