We Are The Moon: Feeling The Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer"
we are the moon

The events of the last few days have me feeling really confused and yet in touch with my fate, destiny, Spirit, the future, I don’t know what to call it, but I feel it, and I believe it is Full Moon related: news, revelations.

And the Moon hasn’t even left Taurus yet…

Some of us Cancer peeps (Suns, Moons, Risings) are pretty damn sensitive to this stuff — we are the Moon!

And none of this is bad, just… out of the blue (Full Moon in my 11th). Maybe a hint or two along the way recently but… these culminations (another Full Moon key word) have surprised me truly.

I’m not even sure what to think so I’m trying not to and yet I can’t help it! My Virgo Moon is yearning to process and START FEELING but too much is… unsaid at the moment. Too much is.. yet to be revealed and perhaps Full Moon Day itself or the days shortly thereafter will reveal more.

What’s happening in your life? Are you feeling twinges of what’s-to-come? 


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