We Are The Dead: Sun In Scorpio

"full moon in taurus 2011"
scorpio season!

The Sun is still in Scorpio. It’s still the Season of the Dead. I feel it all around me. My mother’s birthday is coming up. A picture in my phone of my doggy friend who died this summer. Other losses. So what if Mercury and Venus have entered Jupiter’s sign. We are the dead.

Ritual magic is on my mind tonight as I meditate on the Sun in Scorpio who will lead us to true winter in the Big City. The days get shorter but I love it when it’s cold and bright. And now that I have good boots, I won’t even mind the snow.

But about magic: I am not a witch. I am an inexperienced practitioner. But I am falling in love with ritual and am now on Day 3 of a 7-day ritual, the nature of which I’ll keep private for now…

There are rituals to begin, rituals to end, rituals to cleanse, to heal, to banish. Love ritual.

How many times did I pull the Death card recently? And the Three of Swords.  Tarot, too, is ritual. Taking out the cards. Shuffling. Touching. Pulling. Choosing. Flipping. Reading. Hoping.

When you feel at a loss, when you feel lost, when you feel like you can’t feel anything, when terror and gales of tears are stuck in your chest, what do you do? I say look to what Season it is. The season will guide you. In Scorpio Season, something has to die. It could be your old self. It could be those worn leaky rainboots you should throw out.

But a transformation must take place. Something Must Change. And maybe I feel this deeply because of my Moon Pluto in the 1st House. The urge to destroy must be seasoned with the urge to create.

It has been a hard few days but my writing here is proof that I am not as dead as I thought, and that even in the heart of Scorpio Season, IT LIVES.


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