We Are All The Empress (Taurus Season)

"new moon eclipse in taurus" From my Facebook (and this is why you should Follow or Friend me, so that you can keep up with the conversation):

A gal on my Timeline posted a picture of kissing and it’s Taurus Season so that fits – sensual –

and I realized it dovetailed with some stuff I was writing on my Timeline about passion

and being IN life (rather than outside it, watching, detached, observing)

sitting down at life’s table and taking a BIG SLOPPY BITE and lick and kiss of the gooey center.

Fear not the gooey center.
Fear not the spit and spunk and nectar and flow FEAR IT NOT my friends!

That is life. The gooey center is life.

I pulled The Empress card today, Mistress of Creativity & Birth.

We are all The Empress for Taurus Season!


New Moon Eclipse in your Sensual Life on Monday

Goodbye to the old, hello to the new new new luxury OF YOUR LIFE


Love, MP

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