Wave Of Earth, Wave Of Fire: Uranus Square Pluto

The word on the street is WHOA.

Clients of mine are reporting feeling some mental and physical malfeasance.

The SKY-energy out there is heavy or intense or they want to pick fights with people or are fighting their own lethargy. Many feeling charged up.

I feel mellow.

But then again I haven’t had my tea yet 😉

Planetary vibrations happening RIGHT NOW are making people want to reach out. I DEFINITELY feel that, especially compared to the last few days.

People are chatty, they will be chatty, they want your attention. The Moon is in Libra and Libra is social, Libra relates. Other than working with clients, I think I’m going underground today. Hands are waving!

The Moon in Libra is not happy about the Uranus Pluto square (exact tomorrow). You know the drill: Libra wants peace, Libra wants harmony, the Moon is how we feel, what makes us feel secure, and Uranus Pluto is ANYTHING but. Uranus is CHANGE. Pluto is CHANGE. One is usually fast. The other is slow (which we notice if we’re smart enough to pay attention). Both are associated with… out with the old and in with the new. Changing of the guard. What’s a Libra to do? What are we ALL to do?

Ride the wave. Just ride. Libra is an air sign. Brainy. They also like to make things (and people) look pretty. Imagine if the whole world in the next 24 hours stopped what they were doing and got their hair done instead of making mischief.

A regular client of mine (one of quite esteemed reputation) wrote me this morning, anxious about her big weekend and I didn’t see anything particularly troubling in *her* chart.

I knew it was the sky.

But I also knew this was energy she could pull in and then put back out. Transform it. Mix it up. But be calm, bitches. Be calm!

Makes me think of the Temperance card more than the Death card or the Tower card — even though it is like sex, (I said to her).

Monday (or Tuesday for some) is the orgasm, but until then? It’s building building building building building!!! Building up to a a superb release-relief but until then?

Keep stroking 😉


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