Water Water Everywhere! A Cancer Discusses (Her) Feelings

Dear Neptune People,

Is happiness possible for you when you’re not longing for something or someone?

I ask myself this question tonight because I do not find myself emotionally unhappy at this time. Nothing hurts. Self? Remember this moment. Because you will forget this moment. So remember this moment. When everything felt fine.

And I am saying this as a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars who is not afraid to feel.

Yesterday, on the phone, I had to get off the phone so that I could cry. I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed. It was just something that I had to do. Awareness of pain. Feeling pain. Could not repress it. And I needed to do it alone. So I took it. What I needed. (Wondering what the air-sign Moons are thinking about all this.)

This Neptune question occurred to me as I put on my Spotify and chose a song that makes me feel that longing melancholy feeling but I’m not longing for a person. I’m feeling content. So that’s the question: what happens when Moon Pluto (all you Moon Plutos out there) or Neptunians feel… okay.  Water signs feel so much no wonder they get accused of whining or remaining in victim posture no matter what else is going on. They can get addicted to discontent.

So this is an open question for the Neptune people who, perhaps, in this moment, do not find themselves wanting but find themselves… at home on this earth. For the moment.

Edited to add: And what’s ironic is that while I was editing this blog post, I had a revelation and my mood shifted. Not that I went from content to discontent but I went from content (which was true, no self-deception there) to awareness of what caused me those tears yesterday. See, with Cancer (and other water signs), the feelings just get deeper and richer and colorful and dark-sad and then WHOOSH you come up for air like a big beautiful fish! (Rainbow rainbow rainbow, and I let the fish go — Elizabeth Bishop)

Three minutes later, the revelatory deep feelings passed. And now I feel content again but… softer.

How do you experience your feelings? 



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